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Our Allen County, Indiana Expungement Lawyers can help!

Avnet Law’s Expungement Lawyers Offer:

  • Free Expungement Evaluations  – An Indiana Expungement Lawyer will discuss your criminal history to determine if you are eligible to expunge your criminal record.  

  • Experienced Representation! – We will ensure your expungement is properly completed and attend any required hearings to advocate on your behalf.

  • An Advocate on Your Side ​-  The expungement of all Misdemeanors, Class D Felonies, and Level 6 Felonies is mandatory if you are eligible.  Nevertheless, hearings could still be required.  If so,  we will prepare with you for this hearing to develop and present the strongest evidence and argument to support granting your expungement.

  • Fair Flat Fees  –  We charge a very reasonable flat fee to accomplish your expungement.   That way you know up front how much your expungement will cost instead of receiving an unexpected bill!

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee  –  If we accept your case and are unable to expunge your Misdemeanor, Class D Felony, or Level 6 Felony, we will refund your attorneys’ fee.

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Clear Your Name

Having a criminal conviction record prevents many people from obtaining the employment or housing they are seeking.  Avnet Law works quickly to obtain your expungement so you can stop worrying about background checks.

Gun Rights Restored

Firearm rights are governed by both federal and Indiana law.  If granted, an Indiana expungement can restore your firearm rights under both federal and Indiana law.

Highly Rated

We take pride in our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients.  Our high-ratings on Google and other sites reflect our commitment to making frequent communication with our clients a priority, quickly responding to client questions about the status of their case, the law, and court procedure.

Knowledgeable Expungement Lawyers Serving Allen County, Indiana & Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Avnet Law understands that when someone is convicted of a crime, the stigma of a conviction can follow them through life creating many roadblocks.  In addition to the stigma of being labeled a “convict” or “felon”, finding housing or employment can be very difficult as most landlords and employers these days conduct background checks.   Even those convicted of simple misdemeanors in their youth, or in college, are being denied employment and housing because of past convictions.  We can help!  You need to call an experienced Allen County Expungement Lawyer today at 877-772-8638!

Who is Eligible for Expungement in Indiana?

The Indiana Expungement Statute has several different sections for different types of convictions and for arrests/dismissed charges.  You should speak to an experienced Indiana Expungement Lawyer to determine which section(s) may be applicable in your case and whether you are eligible.  The five sections of the Indiana Expungement Statute are:

  • Section 1Arrests and Dismissed Charges.

  • Section 2Misdemeanor Convictions.

  • Section 3Class D Felony Convictions or Level 6 Felony Convictions.

  • Section 4Class A, B & C Felony Convictions & Level 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 Felony Convictions.

  • Section 5Other Certain Felony Convictions.

Indiana Expungement Lawyer

Eligibility Requirements for Expungement in Indiana:

Here is a quick guide of the eligibility requirements for the different sections of the Indiana Expungement Statute.  We have also written about some of the most common questions we receive regarding expungements here.  However, you should always speak with an experienced Indiana Expungement Lawyer to determine if you are eligible.

Section Waiting Period Lookback Period Fines, Fees, Court Costs, & Restitution Obligations Other Requirements
Section 1 Arrests / Dismissed Charges / Not Guilty 1 Year None All paid No Pending Charges
Section 2Misdemeanor Convictions 5 Years 5 Years All paid No Pending Charges
Section 3Class D and Level 6 Felony Convictions 8 Years 8 Years All paid No Pending Charges
Section 4Class A, B, C & Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Felony Convictions 8 Years 8 Years All paid No Pending Charges
Section 5Other Certain Felony Convictions 10 Years 10 Years All paid No Pending Charges, Requires Prosecutor’s Written Consent to Expungement.


At Avnet Law, our Allen County, Indiana Expungement Lawyers complete expungements for all cities and towns in Allen County, including:

  • Fort Wayne

  • New Haven

  • Woodburn

  • Grabill

  • Huntertown

  • Leo-Cedarville

  • Monroeville

  • Zanesville


While we have provided some information regarding Expungements in Allen County on this page for information purposes, this is NOT a substitute for speaking with a qualified Indiana Expungement Lawyer.

Indiana’s expungement law offers those who may have made mistakes in the past one (1) chance only to wipe the slate clean of convictions.  Since you only have once chance to expunge your criminal record, it is important you get it done right.

Avnet Law understands the issues, has the experience, and can advise and represent you in obtaining your expungement.  We also can advise you regarding other criminal law legal issues.  Call 1-877-77-AVNET to Schedule a Free Consultation with an Allen County Expungement Lawyer Today or contact us below with any additional questions you may have expungements in Indiana.