We Can Help You Choose the Best Entity Structure for Your Business

Many of the businesses that turn to Avnet Law are startups that have put everything on the line to launch a thriving enterprise. Choosing the right entity structure is one of the first steps toward building a successful venture. The type of business entity that you form will determine what must be done to legitimize the entity, how taxes will be paid, and many other details regarding its day-to-day operations.

Avnet Law can help you choose the best business structure given your situation.

We assist with the formation of:

Domestic Corporations

This is the most complicated type of business entity to form. You will have to file Articles of Incorporation and issue shares of stock. Shareholders will exchange property and/or money for your corporation’s capital stock.

S Corporations

One way to avoid double taxation is to elect to be taxed as an S corporation. These entities are usually exempt from federal income tax other than certain passive income and capital gains. There are specific requirements that must be met to form an S corporation.

Limited Liability Companies

This is a very popular business entity since no member of an LLC is personally liable for its debts. LLCs can be classified as corporations, partnerships, or entities that are separate from their owners. Avnet Law can help you determine if an LLC is the best organization structure for your business and file the necessary paperwork.

General Partnerships

This is a business entity wherein at least two owners contribute skills, labor, and money. The partners are liable for the debts of the entity and share its profits proportionately.

Limited Liability Partnerships

This is a hybrid form of a general partnership wherein liabilities are limited.

Limited Partnerships

This is a type of partnership wherein liabilities are limited to the general partners, and each partner’s liability is limited to their respective investment in the company.

Sole Proprietorships

This is the simplest type of business entity to start and maintain. It has one owner who is liable for all debts accrued. The business and the owner are considered to be a single entity. As the owner of a sole proprietorship, you would report any expenses and income of the business on your personal tax return.

Non-Profit Entities

Avnet Law can assist clients who wish to establish formal and informal non-profit entities. We can help you obtain non-profit (501(c)(3)) status and understand the tax requirements and other laws that govern this type of business organization.

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