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  • Diversion / Dismissal Eligibility – Depending on the crime and/or your criminal background, you may be eligible for a Pre-Trial Diversion, which would result in a dismissal of the criminal charges filed against you.

  • Evidence Issues ​- If law enforcement did not follow the law closely, you may be able to challenge and exclude all or part of the evidence being used against you before trial.

  • Plea Bargain Options – Learn about potential plea bargains based on the criminal charges; Discuss whether probation, house arrest, or work release may be an option instead of jail time.

  • License Suspension Laws – Find out if and how long your license may be suspended and answers on how to get a hardship license.

  • Fines / Fees / Costs – Understand the potential fines, fees, and Court costs you are facing if convicted.

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The Support You Need

Being charged with a crime can feel overwhelming. With Avnet Law as your representative, we will fight with you for the best possible outcome in any case.  We will evaluate all potential defenses, including dismissals, diversions, and challenging the evidence.

The Defense You Deserve

Our firm can be an invaluable partner who will work for your best interests in this difficult time. A conviction can mean disastrous consequences for your future. Avnet Law was built on the commitment to providing legal excellence, frequent communication with clients, and aggressive representation.

Highly Rated

We take pride in our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients.  Our high-ratings on Google and other sites reflect our commitment to making frequent communication with our clients a priority, quickly responding to client questions about the status of their case, the law, and court procedure.

Avnet Law is Committed to Providing High-Quality Legal Representation

If you or a loved one have recently been arrested, don’t wait! Contact Avnet Law today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can protect your rights, your family, and your future.

Hear from some of our past clients…

Mr. Avnet went well, over and beyond, for my situation. I would refer Mr. Avnet to my closest friends and family members. This guy truly cares about his clients.

J. C.

I would recommend this firm to anyone, very professional, and excellent communication skills with their clients.

L. C.

Go ahead and just hire Ary, highly recommended, he’s hassle-free. He was assertive yet understanding of my needs, arguing for my best interests during a difficult time. But his timely communication was what I appreciated most. His response time to phone calls and emails was immediate…surprising really. If I have a legal issue in the future, I will hire Ary again.


Highly recommend! He was honest and up front about everything and what would work and what wouldn’t. He cared more about me and my situation vs. pocketing money. He was quick and professional. Will definitely use again if needed.

A. R.

Avnet Law

Mr. Avnet regularly practices trial court litigation in state and federal courts. Mr. Avnet understands that for many clients, their case is their first interaction with the law and the Indiana Courts. Therefore, they are understandably anxious about their case or appearing in Court. Mr. Avnet prides himself in frequent communication with his clients, as well as his quick responsiveness to answer client questions about the status of their case, the law, and court procedure.

Mr. Strahm is a former Marion County Major Felony Prosecutor and is currently a Major in the Indiana Army National Guard, currently assigned as the Chief of Military Justice with the 38th Infantry Division in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Mr. Strahm left the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office in the fall of 2015 for private practice in the areas of criminal law, family law, and general litigation.  Mr. Strahm now uses his vast experience for his clients at Avnet Law with a practice area that focuses on criminal defense law.

Ben Strahm

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