In 2013, Indiana enacted an Expungement law.  The Indiana Expungement Law, also known as the Second Chance Act, gives individuals convicted of certain crimes the ability to expunge their Indiana convictions.  Even if you were not convicted of a crime in Indiana, because the charges were dismissed, or due to a pre-trial diversion, you can expunge the Indiana records of the arrest and charges.

As an Indiana Expungement Lawyer, Avnet Law has successfully completed expungements for many clients, in counties all over Indiana.    In speaking to our clients, we have heard many reasons why our clients are seeking expungement of their Indiana criminal record.  So we put together this Top Ten List of the reasons to expunge your Indiana criminal record.

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Finding gainful employment can be difficult with a criminal record.  Even those convicted of simple misdemeanors in their youth or in college are being denied employment because of past convictions.  The research does support the fact that background checks are becoming more frequent.  In fact, according to one study, “96% of employers conduct at least one type of background screening.”

Often, we are hearing from our clients that although they were charged with a D felony or Level 6 felony, they ultimately plead guilty to a misdemeanor or had their felony reduced to misdemeanor with Alternative Misdemeanor Sentencing.  But on a background check, employers may be seeing the Felony charge, and mistakenly assume that it is a felony conviction.  This mistake can cost many people a job.  Some people are being told that they are being denied a job because of a past conviction and others are not told, but continuously denied employment.

Employment denied expungement

One important part of the Indiana Expungement law is that it prohibits the unlawful discrimination by employers against those who have had their criminal records expunged.  The Indiana Expungement Statue states that a person whose record is expunged shall be treated as if the person had never been convicted of the offense.  So after your successful expungement, on any employment application, or other applications, you can legally answer that you have never been convicted of a crime.


Besides employers, many landlords are also conducting background checks these days.  For some landlords, even a misdemeanor conviction is reason enough to refuse an application to rent an apartment or home.


A conviction for felonies and certain misdemeanors can restrict your right to purchase or own a firearm in Indiana.   Firearm rights are governed by both federal law and Indiana law.  However, federal law holds that a conviction that has been expunged cannot be considered a conviction for purposes of denying firearm rights under federal law.  The federal government has also held that Indiana’s Expungement law is sufficient in removing the federal firearms prohibition in the Gun Control Act.


Many people are unaware that certain convictions affect your ability to obtain student aid (grants, loans, or work study).


Auto insurance is a risk-based business. The insurance company takes a risk on every new customer it accepts.  Some auto insurance companies measure your risk by looking into your background. The three most important places they look are your driving record, your credit report, and your criminal history. If you have a criminal record, especially for certain offenses, such as a DUI or hit-and-run, you enter a higher risk class, which can make your car insurance more expensive.


In addition to restoring your gun rights, if convicted a felony, an Indiana expungement also restores your right to vote, right to serve as a juror, and right to run for public office.


Some people simply want an Indiana expungement just to clear their reputation.  Their convictions were in their youth, or in college, or they had a drug problem in the past but have become clean turned their lives around.  These convictions can be embarrassing, especially in today’s online age where even potential dating partners conduct background checks.  There is a certain peace of mind in knowing that you have a clean criminal record.

Indiana Expungment

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Indiana’s expungement law offers those who may have made mistakes in the past one (1) chance only to wipe the slate clean.  Since you only have once chance to expunge your criminal record, it is important you get it done right.

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